So it’s free?

Yes, currently we are giving the Beta test version for free.

Is it safe?

EZAnalyzer download is digitally signed by creator, using a certificate from COMODO RSA Code Signing CA. During download Java will display a “Do you want to run this application” dialog with the product name, the signer name and a Blue Shield indicating that the Java application can be identified using a valid certificate. This proves the identity of the code signer, and that no-one has tampered with it. See also Safe Web report here.

What platforms are supported?

Any desktop (Windows, Mac, …).

Do I need anything on my computer to run this?

You need Java installed and updated. The minimum required is Java version 8 update 131. If you don’t have Java you can download the latest version from here.

What format of hand history can I import to EZAnalyzer?

No-limit Hold’em cash game hand histories, where the action went heads-up between hero and villain postflop. Hands can be imported from one the following tools:

  1. PokerTracker 4 (Hand Details > copy to clipboard).
  2. HoldemManager 2 (Hand Viewer > copy to clipboard).

Note: To avoid potential parsing issues, before “copy to clipboard” it is recommended to select the option: Copy Options > Mask Player Names (if you don’t, EZAnalyzer will convert the HH to this format)

How can I test EZAnalyzer if I don’t work with PT4 or HM2?

You can copy to clipboard a PT4 hand history like one of these here (note that these text files were created in Windows so if you download these for Mac/Linux you would have to convert them using dos2unix or something similar)

Mac won’t run EZAnalyzer

System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General
Look for a notification like “EZAnalyzer is an app loaded from the internet”, click “Open Anyway”. This is because EZAnalyzer is not registered with Apple but after you approve Java will show you the Blue Shield indicating that the Java application can be identified using a valid certificate. See more on Mac security settings here.

How is EZAnalyzer different from other Poker analysis tools such as Flopzilla, Combonator, Power-Equilab or PokerRanger?

EZAnalyzer is new kind of Poker analysis software. Previous Poker tools are utilities that help you during analysis with specific tasks: edit a range, calculate equities or analyze hand strength distribution. In contrast, EZAnalyzer acts as a structured hand analysis scenario editor or studio. You use it to construct an analysis for a complete hand, including all ranges and explanations for each point of decision in the hand for hero and/or villain.
For example, you can assign ranges for calling a pfr, a flop cbet, and a turn barrel, then you can save the analysis, then later you can open it again and just change some combos on the turn call range and add a note explaining your ranging of that action.
Everything is structured and saved and can be easily exported to html for sharing. In addition you get helpful automation and calculations just as they are needed, such as configurable preflop ranging by action and positions, and auto narrowing of postflop defense actions by MDF/RE, saving you a lot of time figuring out percentages and counting combos.

Some parts of the interface appear chopped on my platform

Try changing the look and feel: Option > Look and Feel

How can I get some support / give feedback?


How can I help?

  • Share this site on your favorite forum, poker-study group or on your website.
  • Email support@ezanalyzer.net requesting to be a user experience tester and participate in a free Skype EZA usability/training session.